Eurowizja 2017 - krajowe eliminacje TVP

Polish public broadcaster TVP promised to publish the list of the national selections finalists today. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait two weeks longer. The deadline of sending applications is rescheduled to the 10th of February and the show itself will take place on the 18th February.

On the official TVP Eurovision website we can find a message about the reason of such a decision:

Telewizja Polska S.A kindly informs that due to a high interest shown by the artists willing to participate in Krajowe Eliminacje do Konkursu Piosenki Eurowizji 2017 (polish national selections), the deadline of sending applications is rescheduled to the 10th of February. The concert of national selections is rescheduled to the 18th of February.

132 song have been sent to TVP so far. In the final concert we will see up to ten participants chosen by the special board. According to modified regulations the lists of the finalists will be revealed ’till the 13th of February. The criterion that will decide about the winner of the polish selections is a combined ranking of the viewers’ and jury votes (50/50).

Last year on the Eurovision Song Contest Poland was represented by Michał Szpak with the song Color of Your Life. He finished 8th in the final with 229 points.

source: tvp