There are only four days left until the final concert of Krajowe Eliminacje 2018. This Saturday Gromee and Lukas Meijer will perform their song Light Me Up. Get to know Swedish vocalist by reading our previous article about him. Our journalist Konrad Zemlik interviewed Lukas. 

Where did the idea to take part in Polish preselection come from? Why not Sweden?

Everything started after Without You was released. Many began to comment that Gromee has to sign up for the competition. Even I received lots of mail sent to me to persuade Gromee to sign up. We thought it would be a fun challenge and now we are here. I have not really had the idea of trying to get up in Sweden. But it would be exciting to get that chance too, but now it’s full focus on Poland.

How did you react when you found out that you will be performing in Krajowe Eliminacje 2018? How did you feel?

I felt so happy. I felt this would be something new and challenging to me. I was talking to family and friends who also felt excited about this. It’s really exciting to do this together with Gromee and everyone around. It will be incredibly fun!

Have you taken an interest in Eurovision Song Contest before? Do you have your favourite Eurovision song?

Yes, I always try to see the big finals. It’s hard to get a favourite because there have been so many contributions over the years. All I can think of is that when I was a child, I really enjoyed Denmark’s contribution with Olsen Brothers. If I’m not wrong, did they also win the whole competition?

How are preparations for Saturday’s performance going? Can you tell us something?

Great! We work hard so that all parts that fall into place. Certainly, it’s a bit special when I and Gromee live in different countries but we have good communication and work very well together.

Have you listened to your competitors’ songs yet? If so, do you feel strongly about Light Me Up? Do you think you will win a ticket to Lisbon?

I have listened quickly to some of the participants in the competition. There is very much on the schedule right now but what I heard shows a tough competition in this year’s contest. Good artists and great songs. It is very difficult to say anything about the chance to win the ticket to Lisbon. We strongly believe in what we do and hope that Poland also likes it, that’s the most important thing. But of course, we want to go to Lisbon. It would be a dream.

How do you feel about the huge success of Without You in Poland?

It’s absolutely amazing. I knew it was a good song we wrote it but there is always some uncertainty if the people who listen to it feel the same thing for a song. But we really succeeded and I’m so grateful for how Without You has been welcomed in Poland. A big thank you to all who listen!

Do you have any new music projects with Gromee in mind? What are your musical plans for the future?

Right now, the competition is the first priority. I love working with Gromee and all other songwriters around, so I hope and believe that there will be more collaborations in the future.

Is there anything you want to say to your fans here in Poland? How do you want to encourage your fans to vote for you and Gromee on March 3rd?

I just want to make them understand how grateful I am for the welcome I and our music received in Poland. Here I am in Sweden and feel all the love and warmth that you give. It’s just amazing! Of course, we want all our fans to vote for us. It would mean lots for us. We hope we give you music that makes you feel something, it’s very important to us.

Thank you for your responses and good luck on Saturday!