Olivia Wieczorek has just finished rehearsing for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2016. 

The Polish representative, Olivia Wieczorek,  has closed today’s rehearsals with her song Nie zapomnij (Don’t forget)This is a huge coincidence that Olivia was the 8th artist to perform today since this is also her draw for the Saturday’s final. During the actual contest, Olivia will sing between the Macedonian and Belarusian artists.

Olivia performed in a light pink dress made of feathers. As it is indicated by the journalists and observers, the staging and the whole performance are very similar to the one that could be seen during the Polish national final in October. The background is mainly blue, pink and purple with the change that this time it also presents the sky with the stars that form different shapes. As far as Olivia’s vocal capability is concerned, it is said that she is flawless vocally and that she is definitely one of the strongest singers in the competition.

Images from Olivia’s first rehearsal can be found HERE.

It is also worth reminding that Olivia has decided to perform the song partially in the English language.

Source: junioreurovision.tv; Photo: Andreas Putting (EBU)