This morning Olivia Wieczorek, polish representative at JESC 2016, had her second rehearsal in Valletta.

The young artist from Poland was the first to perform today. There were no big changes between her first and second rehearsal. Like two days ago, she was singing Nie zapomnij on the stage alone wearing a spectacular feather dress. Visualisations in the background present a starry sky with the other objects like hearts, swings and dandelions. Olivia’s voice is the one of her biggest advantages – completely flawless vocal makes the performance stand out.

Like wiwibloggs’ poll shows, thanks to her wonderful rehearsals, Olivia is becoming a strong candidate to finish the contest on the one of the top positions. In three days we’ll find out whether she’s gonna live up to the expectations.

source: wiwibloggs

sources: junioreurovision, wiwibloggs

photo: wiwibloggs (screen of the video)