Polish national broadcaster TVP, as it was promised in December, has announced who will perform during this year’s polish preselections Krajowe Eliminacje. National final will take place on the 3rd of March in the TVP headquarters in Warsaw.

Submission period was very emotional and exciting. At that time some artists confirmed their interest in Krajowe Eliminacje and the rest, usually the more popular names, waited with an official statement until broadcaster’s announcement. On the list of candidates we could find: Kasia Nova (NF 2008), Isabell Otrębus-Larsson (NF 2017), Dorota Osińska (NF 2016), Agata Nizińska (NF 2017) as well as the former Polish representatives in Eurovision Song Contest like Lidia Kopania (ESC 2009) and Magdalena Tul (ESC 2011). Moreover, similarly to the last year a question about Michał Szpak’s participation appeared very often.

According to the news provided by Dziennik-Eurowizyjny.pl, TVP have received over 200 songs which is an absolute record in the history of polish preselections. (Officially, as reply for fan’s request, they confirmed 260 submissions) Therefore it was not a surprise that the broadcaster rescheduled the finalists’ list announcement from the 6th to the 8th of February.

Not to make you wait any longer, let us present who is going to perform during this year’s National Final:

1. Saszan – „Nie chcę ciebie mniej”
2. Monika Urlik – „Momentum”
3. Isabel Otrebus – „Delirium”
4. Ifi Ude – „Love is stronger”
5. Future Folk – „Krakowiacy i górale”
6. Gromee feat. Lukas Meijer – „Light me up”
7. Marta Gałuszewska – „Why don’t we go”
8. Pablosson – „Sunflower”
9. Maja Hyży – „Skin”
10. Happy Prince – „Don’t let go”

Krajowe Eliminacje will take place on March 3rd at 21:30 CET in TVP headquarters. It will be broadcasted live on TVP 1. The winner will be chosen based both on televoting and jury votes (50/50). Jury members haven’t been revealed yet. However it’s good to mention that in case of a tie it’s them who will have a decisive voice. Who will take a ticket to Lisbon and perform for Poland during the 2nd half of the Second Semi-Final on May the 10th? The question remains open for the next month.

Source: TVP, Dziennik-Eurowizyjny.pl


  1. Phew. I can write in English, since I have no Polish characters on my keyboard here in UK. And copying them from the articles, just to respect the Polish language is a pain in the bum.

    Anywaaaay… What is this?! We have so much talent in Poland and yet we serve Europe these nobodies. It’s not another talent show to build a platform for a potential star. It’s an opportunity to showcase the whole continent and music fans in Europe that our country has not only a potential, but also the artists who can rule the charts across the whole globe. Whoever was in that jury picking up these rotten fruit from the tree of mediocrity should get their ears checked.

    The ESC is going to be so boring this year that only Verka could save it.