Who can we expect to see in Polish preselections? – part 2


The deadline for applying songs to polish preselections – Krajowe Eliminacje – is getting closer and closer. There is a bit more than one week for interested artists to send their songs to the national broadcaster. Let us present what has happened and which compositions has been submitted to the contest for last few  weeks.

Isabell Otrębus

That’s been the hottest Eurovision name in Poland recently. As Isabell promised, during the New Year’s Eve concert in TVP 2, she presented a song Delirium that she is participating with in the current polish preselections. The official audio version has been already published on YouTube. According to a lot of polish fans this song has a potential to take a good place in the national final or even win it.

Dorota Osińska

Dorota is an another artist that takes part in polish preselections for the second time. After 2016 and her song Universal she comes back with a piece Stop the Show. Osińska is well-known in Poland as the runner-up in the second edition of The Voice of Poland.

Kasia Nova

Kasia Nova with a song Zamykam serce composed by the writers of last year polish entry Flashlight performed by Kasia Moś. Nova has already taken part in polish preselections in 2008 when she took only 11th place with a composition The Devil.

The list of candidates aspiring to qualify to the national final is way longer. Since the first part of the article was published, submission to Krajowe Eliminacje has been confirmed, among the others, by:

  • Estonian singer ELYSA with song Famous,
  • Damian Rybicki (last year participant with the song Watchin’ You) and Wpuść mnie,
  • Julian Lesiński, San Marino’s 1 in 360 candidate, with a song Like A Stream,
  • MaU with his Broken Record,
  • Ramona Rey and her piece EUVI,
  • Karolina Linowska with the song Sugar Heads (Cukrowe głowy w wersji polskiej),
  • Kuba Jasiecki My Time/Mój czas,
  • Patryk Smolarek with the song Master!,
  • Girls on Fire (X Factor 3 contenstants) Break the Walls,
  • Daria Barszczyk Freedom in You,
  • Kasia Wisińska Poleć ze mną,
  • Jan Stosur Ile jesteś wart,
  • Alan Cyprysiak Can’t Stop Loving You,
  • Vlad Mayak We are on a high,
  • Ewelina Łukaszyk I’ll be fine,
  • Grzegorz Stawicki Jeszcze wierzę,
  • Operate with the track (written by Damian Rybicki) Above,
  • Two of Us with the track Kiss of a Million Stars

    Two Of Us – Kiss Of A Million Stars (live)

    Tak jak obiecaliśmy, wrzucamy fragment piosenki, którą zaproponowaliśmy w zgłoszeniu do preselekcji 63 konkursu Eurowizji, w wersji live 🙂 Nie jest to utwór spełniający wymogi modelu, czy też stereotypu piosenki eurowizyjnej, który się wypracował przez lata. Ale jest NASZA. Niezależnie od tego jak potoczą się jej losy w związku z konkursem, mamy nadzieję, że po prostu Wam się spodoba :-)#eurowizja #eurovision #preselekcje #lizbona2018

    Opublikowany przez Two Of Us na 20 stycznia 2018

Below you can find the list of entries that has been already confirmed but the songs themselves haven’t been published yet:

    • Leszek Stanek – Lost Boy
    • Tre Voci – Esistera
    • Two of Us – Kiss of a Million Stars
    • Basia Janyga – Never Forget
    • Stashka
    • Kamil Olivier
    • United States of Emotion
    • Lidia Kopania (she represented Poland at the Eurovision 2009)
    • Arek Matuszak – Remember
    • Tomasz Dolski – Spotlight (full song available exclusively on Dziennik Eurowizyjny website)
    • Karol Wnuk – #Power
    • Mariusz Wawrzyńczyk – To tylko chwila

The updated playlist with songs that are confirmed by their authors to participate in the first stage of polish preselections you can find under this link.

The public broadcaster accepts submissions ’till the 1st of February. Six days later a full list of finalists will be revealed.  It is very likely that more popular polish artists, if any of them participates in preselections this year, will not confirm their submission to Krajowe Eliminacje until it turns out that they are qualified to the final.

It is widely speculated that there are several singers who might want to participate in Polish preselections this year. Nevertheless, none of them has made an official statement so far. These are:

      • Michał Szpak (Polish representative in the Eurovision 2016, he is expected to start with Don’t Poison Your Heart),
      • Magdalena Tul (singer that represented Poland in 2011 with Jestem),
      • Gromee (he asked his fans on Facebook profile about the idea of submitting a song to preselections),
      • Lanberry (last year she took part in Krajowe Eliminacje with song Only Human),
      • Marta Gałuszewska (the latest edition winner of The Voice of Poland, probably with English version of her debut single Nie mów mi nie),
      • Marta Olejarz (professionally known as Marta, expected to start with song All about us),
      • Honorota Skarbek,
      • Last Blush (probably with Purple Nights),
      • Magdalena Meg Krzemień,
      • Anna Karwan,
      • Monika Urlik,
      • Basia Gąsienica-Giewont,
      • Man Meadow,
      • Ifi Ude (some time ago she released a new song Love Is Stronger),
      • Maja Kapłon,
      • Laura Samojłowicz,
      • Patrycja Zarychta,
      • Wojtek Ezzat (he submitted song Rozmowa last year, but he didn’t reach the national final),
      • Jelena Matula,
      • Sławomir,
      • Agata Nizińska,
      • Maria Niklińska.

sources: own sources

picture: TVP