Who can we expect to see in Polish preselections?


For a week, since polish national broadcaster revealed the rules of polish preselections, a lot of rumors and speculations have been spread among Eurovision fans in Poland. All started to wonder who is gonna participate in Krajowe Eliminacje this time. Let us sum up and present the list of artists who have stated their participation so far.

Isabell Otrębus

20 years old Swedish with Polish roots will participate in national preselections for the second time. Last year with song Voiceless, this year with Delirium. She confirmed her participation on the official Facebook profile:

Announcement! Guys, on the 31st of December I will take part in Sylwester Marzeń z TVP2 (New Year’s Eve Concert in TVP – author’s note) in Zakopane. I will sing Voiceless and new single Delirium (the one that I start with in polish preselections). See you in a few days. Watch it!

Tre Voci

Wojciech Sokolnicki, Mikołaj Adamczak and Miłosz Gałaj – three polish tenors forming Tre Voci confirmed their will to participate in preselections while interview with polish website plejada.pl:

(…). Our dream is to win Eurovision. We want to start and show ourselves to the audience. We hope we’ll do fine. […] we have loyal fans, three priceless voices and great composition. It will be operatic pop song with removed intro to make it allowed 3 minutes long. 3:03 to be precise.

Here you can listen to one of their covers:

FUBU feat. Natalia B

FUBU band recorded a debut single What if with Natalia Bąkiewicz. On youtube we can find the trailer of the song. It says that the artists will take part in Polish preselections with this composition. Full version is gonna be published on January.


Next song comes form young polish singer Malinsky that already tried to qualify to the preselections’ final last year with Falling DownThis time he presents song titled Love Fuel with English-Spanish chorus.

Agnieszka Wiechnik

Agnieszka was already involved in creating songs for young artists taking part in Polish JESC preselections (i.e. Natalia Wawrzyńczyk Nie jesteś sam). This time she takes her own chance to achieve a success with song A Liar.

Arek Matuszak

Another return from last year (2017 Matuszak started with song The One). Yesterday Arek (known also as AreQue) posted on Facebook profile that he would try with song Remember this year. It is a ballad composed by Krzysztof Milewski.

OK! It’s time to confirm what Dziennik Eurowizyjny has already announced today. Song ,,Remember” will be submitted to Polish preselections Krajowe Eliminacje 2018.

Kamil Oliver

Young Kamil Oliver told Martin Fitch – Polish representative at Eurovision 2010 – during his TV show Myśl pozytywnie that he was working on a song he was gonna submit to Polish preselections.

Below you can find the link to the biggest Kamil’s solo hit Nieprzytomnie:

The list is not long and impressive so far but it is worth to remember that interested artists have time to the 1st of February to send their compositions to TVP. It is still more than one month to go, so anything can happen, especially due to fact that polish broadcaster has recently updated the rules giving possibility to participate for artists without polish citizenship.

It is widely speculated that there are several well-known Polish artists, who might want to participate in Polish preselections this year. Nevertheless, none of them has made an official statement so far. These are:

  • Michał Szpak (he is expected to start with Don’t Poison Your Heart),
  • Magdalena Tul (she represented Poland at Eurovision 2011),
  • Gromee (he was asking his fans on Facebook profile about the idea of submitting a song to preselections),
  • Lanberry (last year she took part in Krajowe Eliminacje with song Only Human),
  • Marta Gałuszewska (the latest edition winner of The Voice of Poland),
  • Honorota Skarbek,
  • Leszek Stanek,
  • Last Blush,
  • Anna Karwan.

Sources: plejada, Dziennik Eurowizyjny, Facebook profiles of artists, own.


    • Polska raczej nie osiągnie sukcesu bez małpowania zachodu, bo nasza „swojska” muzyka jest nieinteresująca dla zachodu. Niestety nie ta jakość. Najlepiej byłoby przemycić polskie akcenty w nowoczesnym utworze, albo wysłać piękną piosenkę a’la Portugalia 2017. Bo te nasze eurowizyjne ballady z obecnego tysiąclecia to jakaś padaka.